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    Many groups are concerned about their capacity to progress and be successful with PQQs, enabling them to have the opportunity to submit full bids to deliver services. Please share your views of any experience you have in completing a PQQ, and how you found the process.



    hi david
    thanks for the session last week, really helpful and eye opening
    we have completed a pqq but did not get through. after hearing you speak, i think this was because we did not give enough evidence of our technical capacity. will improve this next time – onwards and upwards
    thanks, jo



    Hi Jo. Glad you got something from the session – it’s a rapidly changing world and it’s important that you stay informed so you can better align yourselves in moving forwards. Being able to evidence (and I mean genuinely PROVE) that you have the abilities and experience to meet the buyer’s needs is key. As I talked through in the session, scoring highly and being shortlisted for the ITT stage has to be your core goal; so leave no doubt in the buyer’s mind that you are a reliable provider that can meet their needs. Good luck for the future! All the best, David

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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